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Are you considering renting out your Boston area condo? Does your condo association board have units to rent? Learn why Certified Property Management is your best choice for rental property management.

Elevate Your Rental Property Experience with Certified Property Management

Are you tired of the headaches and stress that come with managing your rental property? It’s time to partner with Certified Property Management – your trusted resource for creating harmonious living environments in the Boston area.

Rental property management is a complex process and landlords can easily get bogged down in the minutiae of managing your property. At Certified Property Management, we have 3 decades of experience navigating the complexities of Boston area rental property management. Our goal is to become a reliable and experienced partner by your side. With our specialized knowledge, commitment to collaboration, and dedication to going above and beyond, we are here to help you maximize the return on your investment and protect your property.

Imagine a seamless tenant screening process, effective marketing strategies that attract qualified applicants, and prompt communication with both owners and tenants. With our maintenance staff available 24/7, your property will receive timely and efficient attention, ensuring that major and minor repairs are handled promptly.

Condo Compliance

A key component of our involvement in the rental process is the inclusion of a relevant Lease Addendum in the lease agreement. This addendum ensures that the terms outlined in the lease are contingent on the governing documents specific to each building. By incorporating building-specific rules and regulations into the lease, we create a framework that enables us to maintain a harmonious living environment.

The inclusion of these rules and regulations in the lease serves multiple purposes. Firstly, in the event that a tenant violates the building policies, the Lease Addendum allows for fines or penalties to be imposed, reinforcing the importance of community living. Secondly, in more severe cases where a tenant becomes a consistent source of trouble or disruption, this Lease Addendum provides the necessary groundwork to pursue eviction, if required.

Our Lease Addendum also covers other important provisions that protect the premises and the owner’s interests, such as subletting provisions, smoking policies, regulations regarding locks, and guidelines for marketing the unit at turnover. These provisions are carefully crafted to maintain the integrity and quality of the condominium community.

By enforcing these rules and regulations, Certified Property Management ensures that condo living remains a vibrant and enjoyable experience for all residents. We actively collaborate with condo boards, unit owners, and tenants to foster a culture of respect and balance. Our specialized knowledge of the condo industry, combined with our commitment to going above and beyond, allows us to create harmonious living environments that everyone can thrive in.

Transparency and Communication

Of course, none of these matter if you are being kept in the dark. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide comprehensive reporting and thorough inspections that give you peace of mind and protect your investment.

Our team of highly experienced property managers knows that effective reporting is key to keeping you well-informed about the status of your property. We provide timely reports that include all the essential information you need to make informed decisions. From monthly financial statements to quarterly updates on property maintenance, we are committed to transparency and accuracy in reporting.

Our inspections go beyond surface-level assessments. We conduct detailed pre- and post-rental unit inspections to document the condition of the property and ensure that it meets our high standards. These inspections not only protect the interests of the landlord but also provide a smooth transition for tenants, setting clear expectations for maintaining the property during their tenancy. By conducting regular evaluations and inspections, we proactively identify any issues or maintenance needs before they become costly and time-consuming problems.

Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond reporting and inspections. We actively engage with landlords, listening to their goals and concerns. Together, we develop customized plans that align with your specific needs, whether you have a single rental property or a large portfolio. We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration to find solutions and overcome challenges.

A Proven Track Record

Our proven track record of success in landlord-tenant relations and our extensive knowledge of the Boston rental market set us apart. We are proud to have built harmonious communities where residents enjoy the benefits of living in a well-managed property. When you choose Certified Property Management, you can count on us to provide unparalleled support and expertise. We are here to exceed your expectations, protect your investment, and create harmonious living environments for both landlords and tenants.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Contact Certified Property Management today and experience the difference of having a trusted partner by your side for your property management needs.

Together, let’s elevate your rental property experience. Reach out to us now and discover the Certified Property Management difference!

Experience the Difference

Trust in Certified Property Management to provide the expertise, resources, and commitment essential for protecting your investment. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive management services and how we can create a tailored plan to meet your specific needs.

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