About Certified Property Management

Not Your Average Management Company

For Boston-area condos in need of management services, Certified Property Management provides a team of unique experts for every solution, rather than a single manager expected to handle a variety of problems, because after 30 years in business, we understand the value that specified expertise can bring to your community.

Two families with kids sitting on front stoops


At Certified Property Management, we envision a future where harmonious and respectful condo living is more than just an idea–where boards of trustees have a partner they can trust, and homeowners have a reliable resource in their times of need.



Anticipating Needs

Understanding our clients is crucial. The problems they see are often not the only problems they’re facing. We find the issues that lurk beneath the surface and expose them to our clients, giving them the confidence they need to make informed decisions about their communities, and their future goals.

Going Above & Beyond

Words like “fine,” “okay,” and “acceptable” just aren’t in our vocabulary. Providing only the bare minimum may work for others, but we believe condo associations deserve more. We strive to deliver more. Our clients place their trust in us to go the extra mile to provide outstanding results.

Promoting Balance

We believe that a fair and balanced community can only be achieved through mutual respect. A community needs to work together toward a shared goal to be successful. We strive to promote balance both internally in our company and for our clients through communication, listening and empathy.

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