See the Certified compliance checklist.

Property Managers

Our property managers regularly attend industry conventions and seminars to stay current with the latest trends and techniques and attain condominium credentials. Equipped with a strong support staff and knowledge in not just management, but general contracting as well, our property managers can ensure your condominium is operating at its full potential.

Our property managers work closely with the Board of Directors developing budgets, preventative maintenance programs, job costing and financial reporting.

Condominium meetings
The property manager will help coordinate and provide all documents necessary to carryout meetings as well as attend a designated number of owner’s meetings and trustee meetings throughout the year.

Review all invoices prior to disbursement
Your association’s property manager will verify invoices and billings for services, labor, and supplies provided by the contractors at the Property. We maintain separate bank accounts for each association; there is no commingling of funds between bank accounts.

Enforce and explicate all rules and regulations
Property managers generate and distribute notices and monthly delinquent statements to all condo owners with no additional administration charges to the condominium association.

Property managers oversee all maintenance work from the initial start and through to the billing process. For capital need projects we can provide project managers to smooth the way.