See the Certified compliance checklist.


Certified Property Management views the delivery of maintenance services as a three-fold process: emergency services, ongoing day-to-day operational functions and long range planning and implementation.

1. 24/7 emergency services
While our preventative maintenance programs are designed to minimize them, maintenance emergencies are a fact of life. Our maintenance staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is always within 30 minutes of your home. We can provide such responsive service at a reasonable price because of the cost-efficiencies in managing multiple properties in the Boston area.

2. Ongoing day-to-day operational functions
We have long realized that the core of our business is the effective delivery of service. The key element that makes us different from other management companies is the team concept approach, which allows us to provide fast and efficient execution of a variety of services. The core of our approach is a weekly review process that allows us to check the progress and status of various tasks that have been put to action.

3. Long range planning and implementation
Long range planning and implementation is a service that we are particularly well suited to deliver. Our depth of knowledge, technical expertise and experience distinguishes us from our competitors. This knowledge and expertise allows us to create a program specific to your association that will ensure your property will be well maintained.

Scope of maintenance services:
Dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing excellent service, our maintenance staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide or supervise:

  •   24/7 Emergency Services
  •   Scheduled preventative maintenance programs
  •   Routine maintenance & supervision on all mechanical systems
  •   Grounds & Janitorial services
  •   Supervision of all maintenance contracts
  •   Access to licensed and insured builders
  •   In-house field engineer
  •   Periodic inspections, with recommendations reported to Trustees
  •   Service Contracts
  •   Capital Projects
    •   Project Specification
    •   Contractor bid packages
    •   Supervision