See the Certified compliance checklist.


With Certified Property Management, you always know exactly where your association stands financially. Our accounting department works closely with the Property Manager to ensure responsible handling of all financial matters, including cash receipts, disbursements, maintenance of books and records, financial reporting, enforcement of lease provisions, and related administrative duties. Upon request we can create a customized financial report to fit your association’s needs.

Scope of Financial Services

  • Collection and enforcement of all Condominium Fees
  • Process deposits & disbursements
  • Maintain books & records
  • Produce financial reports to include:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss Statement
    • Budget Variance Report
    • General Ledger
    • Cash Receipts Journal
    • Check Register on Disbursements Journal
    • Bank Account Reconciliation Form
    • Current Bank Statements
    • Detail Owner Report
    • Delinquency Report with Narrative
    • Account payable report
    • Additional reports customized to your needs