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About Us

Why Certified Property Management?
Why choose us? It’s simple: experience, success and value. With over 35 years of experience in property management, we have the expertise to deliver services of the highest quality. We have successfully helped condominium associations of every size run smoothly while minimizing costs. And with our innovative online services, advanced maintenance skills and considerable financial expertise, we provide maximal value by improving cash flow while protecting and enhancing the value of your property.

Your home is probably your most significant investment. To manage and to grow an investment of this size requires significant time and expertise. At Certified Property Management, we provide expert management services, but what we really offer is security: security that your investment will be cared for properly, security that problems will be addressed immediately, security that when you want to sell your home, it will be not be devalued by mis-management.

Our Team
In addition to property managers, our team includes highly qualified accountants, insurance specialists, maintenance and administrative personnel working together to bring our associations the best service possible. Our efficiency enables us to operate more cost-effectively.